Monday, October 1, 2012

Warm sunny days!

We had a beautiful warm weekend, here in the Peg this past weekend.  Saturday it was like summer had returned ...   30C - beautiful blue sky and outstandingly beautiful organge, gold and deep red trees.  It was a day for photograpers - one where beautiful images of fall could have been captured to enjoy long after these perfect days are over.

I should have been outside snapping it up - but instead I was inside - making those darn cabbage rolls.

I had all the windows open, the tunes playing on the sterio and I blissfully rolled 6 doz cabbage rolls in less than 2 hours.

The house smelled like my Aunt Olga's farm home on a fall day.  I associate the smell of cabbage rolls cooking  - to her.  In my opinion she is the cabbage roll queen of the universe...  Well truth be told - she is the cook and baking queen of the universe... or she was in her day.

Aunt Olga is Hungarian by birth... and no one I know cooks and bakes like her.  She can make the most simplest of meals taste like heaven - and she says it's all because of paprika.  We all know it's more than that - but still, since I have been adding paprika to my dishes - they are tasting a lot better.

I make my cabbage rolls the way she does - and mine are pretty close in perfection to hers - but not quite.  We sampled mine for supper last night, and they were mouth-watering delicious.  So thank you, Auntie Olga for your wonderful inspiration.

While I was blissfully rolling cabbage leaves, hubby was outside in the perfect weather, fixing cracks on the stucco on the house. The plan was to wash all the windows before winter as well - but that will have to wait for the next warm weekend should we get one.

A week before Thanksgiving and it looks like we are back on track. 

What will this week bring?

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