Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Think Pink!

It's October - that means its Breast Cancer Awareness Month... are you aware?

I am a 6 yr breast cancer survivor, happy to be so - but still sad that this disease continues to grow and take more womens' lives than almost any other disease affecting women today.  Huge strides are being made every day in finding a cure - diagnosis' are being made earlier, treatments are more effective, and survivors are living longer - still Breast Cancer is a reality for many women like me, that will never ever go away.

Today I am going to share a poem I wrote during my breast cancer journey - actually this was written early in that journey.  I have shared it with many women who have or are going through the process and every one of them said that my thoughts, feelings and general attitude were exactly what they felt or are feeling - they were comforted to know that they were not different, alone, forgotten.

So here it is and here I am ......Perennially Pink!


By Dale Graumann

T’was a hot July day when first we met,
Through circumstances I’ll not forget.
I the seeker, he the sought,
To save my life or so I thought.

The office crowded with such as me,
I ventured forth at five to three.
Mind aflutter I took a seat,
Controlling tears that weren’t discrete.

Nerves kicked in, my breath drew short,
I’d never been a panicked sort;
But this was wrought with pain and fear,
This very thing that’d brought me here.

A lengthy wait for one and all,
Then certain dread when name was called.
Two steps, three steps, ten or more;
Then “Have a seat, I’ll close the door.”

First impressions seldom fade,
Especially when so gently made.
Soft warm eyes, a caring smile,
Advised that I’d be here awhile.

Biopsy past, breast cancer cells;
Percent involved - no one can tell.
Surgery certain, more treatment too;
As much as needed – okay with you?

Feeling sick, head’s buzzing some,
Husband’s crying; I’m feeling numb.
Swallow the lump that quickly has gathered,
Focus on thoughts that suddenly matter. 

                    Death is first on my list of fears,
Then leaving my son of tender years.
Don’t want to go, not ready yet;
So much of life, I’ve yet to get.

Plans are made, operation’s booked,
A week today - well I’ll be hooked!
No wait indeed, no none at all;
And here I thought I’d wait till fall.

First cut’s not quite deep enough,
This demon seems to be so tough.
Return again this time it’s fall,
And now this time, they take it all.

Awake my eyes awake and see,
This brand new view of who I’ll be.
One breast gone, the other there,
Is this much more than I can bear?

Not so I cry, not so at all,
Pity and grief are so appall.
Make of life the most I say,
Don’t you waste one single day!

Take your burdens, throw them aft,
Cling to life as though a raft.
Make it your’s and make it strong,
Ride it hard and ride it long.

Fast forward now two years or more,
Am I cured? Not known for sure.
Time will tell what lies ahead,
No matter if I fear or dread.

This is me; it’s who I am;
A pebble in the master’s plan.
Happy I, and grateful too;
For all the folks that helped me through.

Life goes on, it always does;
I can’t go back to what it was.
But I am here, and here I’ll stay,
Until my Lord takes me away.


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