Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moving along...

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone.  In some respects it's hard to believe that it is already this time of year, but mother nature has been trying her best to get us used to the idea of fall, and even winter these past few days.  We have had considerably cooler temperatures, rain - and yes, even snow.  The snow has pretty much melted when it hit the ground, but there were a couple of mornings when it must have been cold enough to allow it to stay on the car.

My mind has been on Christmas - seriously, I have been thinking about which projects I'd like to do for gifts.  The top of that list is quilted table runners.  I found a great little tutorial for a fairly simple but wonderfully pretty table runner that I think I can manage for a early wanna-be quilter project, so on saturday my friend and I hit the fabric store looking for Christmas fabric.

We were all excited about the Christmas print right by the front door, until we happened upon the racks of print at the back of the store.  You know what they say about fabric at the back of a store - it is cheaper - and in this case there was a lot more to choose from.  I surprised myself by choosing  very non-traditional patterns and colors.  It is Christmas, but defiantly not green and red!

I have 4 runners cut and ready to sew - only to discover that I neglected to buy batting!  Told you I was a novice!

So this takes care of the ladies - what about the men?  Not that I need the challenge (or maybe I do) but I have been thinking about knitting gloves... REALLY!  I tried knitting gloves once a long time ago, and never finished even one hand.  So I am cautiously thinking I will try 1pair!  But in Dale fashion I have already decided to make 6 pair (but you didn't really read that)! Wish me luck!  The pattern I have uses the 4 needle method - something challenging, and really frustrating (to me) at times.

If anyone out there knows a simpler and less stressful method of knitting gloves - please let me know!

So off I go to make Christmas gifts...

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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