Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chip and Dale!

Yesterday was a great day.  First of all the nurses and doctors that I work with honored all the paraprofessional staff by bringing in breakfast and presenting us each with a pot of tulips in the loveliest colorful hanging pots.  Thank you ladies and ggentlemen for the honor of working with you all every day.

Then it was work, work, work, BUT after supper last evening, Gary and I took a ride to see our soon - to - be newest member of the family,  Chip.  Well don't you know, the picture of the little conure that the breeder sent me, was not actually my bird.  Chip is a tiny little funny looking guy with no feathers.  He is all skin and pin-feathers, but with some imagination one can see how beautiful he will be once his colored feathers are all in.  He is only 3 weeks old so he has some time to grow beautiful, before we bring him home when he is about 10 wks old.

I was able to hold him and talk to him, and he chatted away at me for over 30 minutes.  The breeder was surprised he reacted so well to me - but of course I wasn't at all surprised, because it was meant to be.

So for the next 7 weeks we will visit Chip to handle and play with him, so he gets used to our hands and voices, and already I am looking forward to the next visit.  Next time I'll take my camera.  The breeder promised me she would email a picture of him as he is now, so I can share it with you here.

It seems Chip was all I needed to get my MoJo back because when I got home I started to design a blanket for one of our great-nieces.  When we visited my Aunt last year, she gave me a daisy loom.  She couldn't find the instructions for it, but don't you know I was able to find the original instructions on the Internet.  I have had the loom sitting on my work table for a year, thinking about what to make with it, and yesterday eve I started working on a square for an afghan.  I made a two-layered daisy with the loom, and then crocheted around it so it became a granny square with a daisy in the middle.  It turned out pretty cool.  I'm gonna try another one at lunch time today.  The plan is to make a nine-patch granny with the center square being a daisy square... we'll see how that goes and I will take pictures.

So on to Tuesday of this short week...

Have a great day everyone!

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