Friday, August 27, 2010

RR&R and Winter Wheat

We are only one week away from the Labour Day weekend - how the heck did that happen?  School starts here after Labour Day so the students have one more week of freedom before it's back to school!  Teachers are preparing, parents are preparing, and kids are dreading... nice to know some things never change!

I loved the first month of school... it was exciting getting my loot gathered, getting new clothes, sometimes even a new hair do...Then that first day of school... well major belly-ache until you actually arrived and saw who your teacher was and who was in your class, and if it was not a teacher you favored or classmates who liked you... big time major bellyache!!!

School has become such a "social" aspect of our children's lives -  no one goes to school to learn reading, riting and rithmitic anymore!!  There - I have just dated myself!!!  But it remains a necessary evil for children to bear - poor, teachers to bear... and then of course the parents.

My wish today, is for every child to have a great first day of school.  May your teacher be young and energetic, and fun, and if you can't have one of those, if you get stuck with an "old" teacher - may they be fair.  May you make many friends, and may your parents be home at the end of the day to help you with your homework...

Teachers - bless you for what you do... your responsibility is huge.  May you be successful with each challenge you face, may you work with co-operative parents and fellow staff members and may you enjoy every moment of the new school year.

Parents - bless you all - your responsibility is never ending.  Be tough, be firm, be kind be loving... but be there for your kids.  No one can make a difference in your child's life as much as you...

Enjoy this last week before school resumes.... everyone.

Back to Winter Wheat.

Karl remembered his audience, and broke away from his bride with a start.  He cleared his throat, and turned to the Magistrate.
“We have another matter sir.  We have children other than mine, who have been living with us for almost as long as Emilie has been with us.  They have recently been left as orphans, and Emilie and I wish to be declared their Guardians, so they may stay with us.”  He reached into the breast pocket of his shirt, and produced a folded document.  “These are the documents from the authorities who wish to remove the children to an orphanage.”
“That’s ridiculous; why would they want to remove children from a home environment?  Our orphanages are already full of children that nobody wants.  I’d think they would be happy to find people like you and Mrs. Wright who want to keep a family together!”  Scanning the papers as he moved, the judge returned to his desk.
Mrs. Wright, Emilie said the words silently to herself, pleased with the sound of being addressed so by the judge.  She glanced at Karl, and caught his wink, before she returned her attention back to the judge.
“As far as I can see the only reason you were not considered suitable to the authorities was because you were not married.”  He raised his head and smiled conspicuously,  “But that’s no longer a problem, is it?  I see no reason why I should not grant you permanent custodianship of the Bell children.  It says here that one of the children is now sixteen years of age.  How does he feel about this?”
“George is very level headed, and feels responsible for his brothers and sisters.  I asked him if it was okay if we did this and he was relieved and thankful that we would even consider it.  He only asked that we not change their family name,”  Karl answered quietly.
The judge looked over his glasses to the young couple that stood before him, and he saw a pair who had already accepted this tragic family into their lives and their hearts.  To remove the children now would not only hurt the children, but this couple as well.  His decision was easily made,  “I’ll have my clerk draw up the appropriate papers today.  If you can come back here around four o’clock this afternoon, we will finalize this.”
“Oh Karl!”  Emilie jumped excitedly, and threw herself into his arms.  He lifted her off the ground and swung her in a small circle before carefully setting her back to the floor.
“Thank you so much, sir,”  Emilie could barely speak; she was so overcome with emotion.  She hastily wiped the tears of joy that had suddenly formed in her eyes, and smiled wobbly at the man who for the second time today had made her the happiest woman in the world. 
“You are quite welcome.  Now off you two go, and enjoy your wedding day, and I’ll see you back here this afternoon.”
When they were back outside, Karl grabbed Emilie’s arm and pulled her to his chest.  “Come here, Mrs. Wright, “ he growled as he embraced his wife.  His eyes toured her precious face and as he gently reached to push an errant stand of hair from her brow he counted his blessings for the wonderful gift of this woman in his life.  “I love you, Emilie,”  his voice broke for a moment,  “I shall love you all the days of my life.”
“Oh Karl,”  she reached to frame his face with her small hands.  “We shall have such a wonderful life together.  I love you so…”
“Let’s go do the town,”  Karl whispered playfully, as he spun her around and they set off for the hotel across the street.  
She tugged on his arm, and pointed to the depot.  “Remember the first time we met, Karl?  It was here at that depot.”
He chuckled,  “I remember.  I thought you looked too small and feeble to be of much use on the farm!”
“You thought that!  Oh Karl, how could you?”  her voice fell in disappointment.
“Remember how your stomach growled all the way to Annie’s?”
“Yes and I remember you were quite rude to me as well.  But Martha had already warned me that you could be that way!”  
“She did?”  He shrieked with surprise.
“Yes she did, but of course I didn’t believe her!”

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