Friday, August 6, 2010

Here and there and the end of 16

Well my weeks vacation is almost over (sad face), and although I did not have to get up each morning and head out to work, being home this week was really no vacation.

We have been on the go since the weekend.  I thought I would have time to sit on the patio, maybe read a few books, do some crocheting for my sales, we even planned on a day trip to the lake.

So what did we do?  Move furniture, clean, move furniture, rip out walls, move furniture, organize closets, move furniture... well you get the picture.  My brother built me a huge, and I mean huge desk/work table for my craft room so this was furniture move #1.  Thank you Dean - you did an awesome job!  It has taken me all week, but finally I have a real "work" room.  Thing is, it is so clean and organized, I kinda don't want to mess it up now!  I know I will get over myself very quickly however!

Furniture move #2 was a result of my son finally selling his captains bed and mattress.  The darn thing has been for sale for 2 weeks, and it has just been an exercise in frustration.  People offer less than half the asking price without even coming to see the article.  I'm afraid I was a little rude to quite a few people over the week!  But it did get sold, and it was hoisted out of the basement (not an easy task), and then came the ripping down the walls phase.

I know my son is getting bored with being home for three weeks following surgery, but believe me, tearing out walls was not something I would have been worried he would try to tackle.  Never say never, I guess.  So suffice to say, he is renovating, and I will admit, that he is actually doing a very good job... so far.  His room, was floor to ceiling wood - you know the ship interior look.  We have talked about having someone come and rip out all the wood and put drywall up for some time.  He decided this was the greatest opportunity, because the immovable bed was moved and gone.  So my family room is piled high everywhere with his room's contents, he has re-built the large walk-in closet attached to his room, and has discarded 3/4 of the storage we had in that closet to... well I'm not sure where, I haven't found it yet.

And tomorrow will be moving furniture #3, when we go to pick up a full bedroom suite that he is purchasing from friends of ours.

Well maybe Sunday will be a nice day to have a vacation....

So let's finish Chapter 16..

His heart soared.  “I have waited so many nights to be alone with you, if even for just a minute or two . . . let’s not waste this time . . .”  he said as he lowered his head just a little more and their lips met.
He kissed her like a man finding water after days in the dessert.  She was sweet and warm and the taste of her made him think that never was there a woman so perfect in the entire world.  He drew out the kiss until he felt her gently pulling away, and then he released her slowly, all the while longing for a minute more.
“Emilie,”  he whispered roughly as he crushed her to his chest.  
“I thought you wanted to ask me a question!”  she teased him in a soft whisper.
“I do want to ask you a question, but I want to kiss you too,”  he smiled as he pulled her back into his arms.  “We get along so well, Emilie – and I know you have feelings for me.  When Karl returns from the mountains; do you think you would consider marrying me, Emilie?”
“Oh Joseph!” she sighed,  “I don’t think I am ready to marry anyone yet.  You see I am just getting used to this way of life, and then there’s the children . . .”
“Karl can always find another housekeeper, Emilie.  I love you, and I want you for my wife!”
Emilie reached up and surrounded his dear face with her mitten-covered hands.  “Can we wait a while before we think of marrying, Joseph?  I’m not ready, I’m sorry, but I’m just not ready . . .”
He noticed the distress in her voice and felt remorse for putting it there.  He sighed deeply and nodded his head.  “Okay, we’ll wait for a while,”  he acquiesced,  “ But I won’t quit asking,”  he warned her lightly as once again she pulled out of his arms.
“I must go.  The children are waiting to be put to bed.  Thank you Joseph, for a lovely night,”  she relayed to him in their own language,  “I’ll see you soon.”  She said before turning away and hurrying toward the door.
As she readied the children for bed, she determinedly pushed Joseph’s declaration from her mind, but much later as she lay in her bed with the small warm body of Karl’s child beside her, she closed her eyes and remembered another man’s kiss, and wondered how she could be considering marriage to another when it was Karl’s kisses she longed for.
“Oh Karl,”  she whispered into her pillow,  “Please come home soon!”

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