Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A little bit of music, and a whole lot of Love

My dear friend Carol's husband will be undergoing open heart surgery this morning for a very serious heart condition.  Please keep Carol and JR and his surgeon in your prayers today... Godspeed, my friends.

One of my earlier posts was about my Husbands YouTube video of him playing the organ.  I mentioned that he got a new organ (of sorts) new to him, but in no way new by any stretch of the imagination.  What I didn't tell you is how much Gary loves organs of any kind.  As a child growing up he was fascinated with the instrument in the church he attended, and to this day, church organs - especially pipe organs remain his first love of instruments.

A few years ago he met a fellow from Fargo ND, at an organ convention here in Winnipeg...(yes I did say organ convention!)  If ever two people were alike, Gary and Bill are.  Bill shares Gary's passion for pipe organs, and plays at Messiah Lutheran in Fargo ND... his church televises their service every Sunday, so if you are inclined you can see Bill play on Hour of Worship on PBS every Sunday.  When these two fellas are together, you'd better be prepared to listen to music (organ music) and music talk.

This past weekend, Bill drove up to spend the day with us... BUT Gary had arranged for Bill to be able to play the 4 manual Cassavant pipe organ in our church, so off the two of them went and I didn't see them until almost 6pm.  You should have seen the smiles on their faces when they got home... 

You have to witness Bill's joy the best way I know... and that is to watch him play... so here is a little video Gary took while they were at the church.

The most important part of this story is how one friend can make another's life so much better, by such as simple thing as playing an instrument.  Gary cannot do much right now because of his failing eyesight, and it has been a very difficult and frustrating time for him... but he can sit and listen to organ music, and that is what he did all day Saturday.

Thank you Bill...

And so here he is...


It seems that romance is in the air in Winter Wheat!  Stay tuned....

Frederich stopped walking and lowered himself to sit on the ground.  What could he say?  Everything that Karl said was true, but still he believed that marrying Emilie would be the best thing Karl Wright had ever accomplished in his life.
Frederich pulled a blade of quack from the soil and placed it between his teeth.  He rolled the grass around in his mouth for a minute and then spoke.  “Well Karl, things are not good, that’s for sure.  I’m sorry to hear about your sister’s hardships, but maybe they would be better off out here.  There are a lot of abandoned farms around here, I’m sure they could find a place to live quite easily.  No matter how hard times have been in the past, I have never known a family to starve out here.  Oh they might have a miserable lean winter, but at least they would have a roof over their heads and they would be together.”
“I think Martha thought they could stay with me.  I don’t know how I can stand to tell her that she cannot!”  
“You tell her you will help her find a place for her family to live, and you will share anything that you can, but that you cannot cram one more person in that little house of yours.  She’ll understand when she sees your home.”
“And Emilie . . .”  Karl looked to his old friend,  “What do I do about her?”
“Ah Karl, you already know what you’ll do about Emilie.  She’s the best thing that ever walked in to your life, young man; and if you don’t grab her, someone else will!” 
“Joseph.”  Karl said quietly, naming the man who was trying everything in his power to lure Emilie away from him.  He scooped a handful of sandy soil into his palm, and let it slowly sift through his fingers.  “I love her, you know . . .”
“Yeah I know you do.  I’ll wager that Emilie knows that too . . .”
Karl smiled as he thought of Emilie’s proposal the evening before.  Who the hell was he kidding?  He wanted that woman more than he had ever wanted anything in his life, and suddenly he was impatient to tell her so.  He stood and brushed off the seat of his overalls, then reached a hand down to help Frederich up off the ground.
“Thanks, Fred . . .”  he said with a warm smile to his neighbor.
Fred slapped him soundly across the back,  “You’re welcome my friend,”  he answered, his own smile widening, as he watched Karl head off across the prairie toward his own home.

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