Thursday, August 4, 2016


The old adage, "Time flies when you are having fun," really is true.  Gary, Jon and I are having a lot of fun spending time doing the things we have always enjoyed doing as a family.  It has been great to have Jonathan here with us for this past week and a half, and he says he is not ready to go back home yet - so bonus for us.

What have we been doing?

We have visited a couple of towns, done a lot of walking, taken a lot of pictures, talked a lot, laughed a lot, even shared a couple of tears  - especially when we talked about our beloved Molly. We have watched movies, American political conventions, and Gary and I have shared our new life with our son so he can see how happy and settled we are here in a new town and in a new house.

I have tried to get out in the garden to weed - but the most I seem capable of completing is picking beans.  This past week and last,  I have picked many litres of beans blanched and froze them - at last count I think I had about 15 lbs of beans in the freezer.  I think they are just about done, so now I am concentrating on  Zucchini.  I am shredding and freezing for later dishes, and we are eating as much as we can fresh, so we are getting our green vegetables in spades!

On July 27th,  Gary and I were honoured at a Volunteer Appreciation afternoon at the nursing home.  They served us the most amazing orange cake; tea and coffee in real china tea cups, and there was even entertainment.  Jon was able to attend along with us so he got to meet some of the residents who have come to mean so much to us.
Amazing Orange cake from a bakery in Dauphin...

Jon and Gary sipping tea in china cups!

Residents and family members enjoying the entertainment!

Thursday afternoon we returned there again to do the Lutheran church service for the residents, and Jon got to witness his Dad as he led the service, and Mom played the piano.

We hope to go back to the nursing home on Saturday August 6th, to help celebrate one of the resident's birthdays.  She is turning 103 yrs old - and she is adorable.  It should be fun!

You won't believe the work Jonathan has been doing with my camera.  I am editing some of the shots that I am particulary drawn to, and will share them with you as I get them done.  He has managed to capture rural Manitoba in a way that tells the story of our beautiful province, our history and our heritage, in a way that calls my heart.  You'll see what I mean, when I get his pictures done.  

That's it for now, but I will be posting a lot of pictures in the days to come...

See you soon....

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