Friday, May 1, 2015


I might have mentioned that our dog, Molly lost her sight late last year.  Yesterday we had an extensive visit at the vet, and were given a definite diagnosis for her sudden and complete blindness.

Molly has what is called SARDS.  It is a sudden blindness that strikes female dogs between the ages of 7-14.  Basically it is a disease that attacks the retina and the optic nerve and just rots or destroys it.  There is no cure, and there really is very little understanding about this form of blindness. Here is an article about this disease.

SARDS often can be accompanied by other conditions, but thankfully at this time, Molly is otherwise healthy.

Molly lost her sight in just 2 days.  It was very difficult for her at first, as can be imagined.  Imagine being able to see one day - and then blind the next.  We humans have communication that can at least tell us why, but animals do not understand this - so at first she cried a lot and seemed understandably lost and confused.

In actual fact we did not even clue in to the fact that she was sightless at first.  She hid it very well, but then she fell down the short staircase to the back door, and we started to pay attention.

Here we are a few months down the road, and I have to tell you that if ever a animal could inspire me - well my Molly has and does.

She has adapted to the blindness like the trooper she is.  She has no problems around the house - even when I tend to move things around the house a bit, she seems to know this and slows down and checks things first before proceeding... it's like she knows me so well, she is forewarned....

She goes down the stairs with our hands lightly on her collar as a guide but basically she is doing it herself.  She goes up the stairs on her own without waiting for help.  She is cautious outside of her yard - no more taking off with a charge - but still she holds her head up (which she really shouldn't be doing... she should be smelling the ground) and she strides out with confidence that we will guide her journey.

My plucky little dog, is amazing!  Her spirit and heart remain strong in true Molly fashion. 

At almost 12 yrs of age Molly continues on.  I so want more years with my sweet girl.  She has taught me so much, and still she continues to do this.

To Molly!


Hug your fur babies... they are precious


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  1. Team Molly! I am always amazed by what our furry friends can do for us. They give us so much more than we give them credit for. Take every moment you can to enjoy and celebrate.