Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Simple Pleasures.

My neighbour's husband passed away last May, and though her transition has been very difficult she has done remarkably well these past few months.  We have always been friends, but since her husband has been gone, we have formed an even closer bond, certainly as neighbours, but also now as close friends.

While I was working full time, I tried to get next door for a visit at least once a week, and I tried to email several times a week, just to remind her that she is not alone.

She has rewarded me by returning the favour ten-fold this past week, and I find my attitude brightening much faster, thanks to her loving care and friendship.

When I went over to tell her my plight last Monday, she asked if I had an hour.  When I said yes, she popped a DVD into her player, turned on the TV and introduced me to a fascinating series produced by the BBC on Tudor Farming.

We both love gardening, and there is much about gardening in this series, but really it is about farming in early England.  This series has captured my interest, entertained my spirit, and fed my mind with knowledge about many things farming that I did not know.

Imagine a morning such as this...

It is cold and the snow is swirling outside against the picture window.
Inside, two women casually dressed, sit in reclining chairs, each with a cat curled sleeping on their lap.  Cups of hot coffee or tea, and fresh baked scones out of the oven are on the table between them.   Add an hour-long (sometimes 2) program devoted to farming, gardening spinning etc ... Simple Pleasures indeed!

Brings to mind a sampler I stitched many years ago...

So very true.

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  1. I agree Dale, find ways to simplify your life because those simple pleasures are exactly what everyone should be enjoying. Glad to hear you are getting through the transition. Take care.