Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Projects Galore!

Since winter doesn't seem to want to leave us alone, and spring and gardening seem so far away still, I decided I needed a project.

In true Dale fashion, somehow I have ended up with quite a few projects.

I haven't cross-stitched in years, and I have several unfinished pieces sitting in totes waiting for some "time" to complete them.  Do I dig those out?  Not on your life!  Instead I buy new canvas and bump up my floss stash and start a brand new piece;  Norman Rockwell's "The Doctor and the Doll".  I bought the pattern quite a few years ago, and sort of stumbled upon it before Christmas.

In the meantime, I decided I should perhaps get to some of those forgot places in my house... perhaps to clean?  

File cabinets, came first - and there are still papers lying about that I really don't know what I should do - if anything.

My craft room closet - now there's a project and a half... I was afraid if I climbed up there, I would never be seen again - but it wasn't overly bad - quite organized actually, and I escaped completely unharmed.

But that little escapade led to yet another project... I unearthed several large boxes of photos.  I have thousands of photos, from every one's lives, including my own - and there they sit in boxes.  So I decided to sort and separate and organize, and while I was doing that I decided it was time so start returning photos to the givers, or their families.  So now I have several large envelopes of photos to get ready to mail away.  I hope the recipient's will be happy to receive them, and not think I am shooing them out of my life - nothing could be further from my mind, but there comes a time when this needs to be done.

Now it's time for a break, I see the sun is shining on my chair - I think I'll grab the canvas and take advantage of the natural light and do some stitching - unless of course the sun lures me to sleep  - which is always quite possible...

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