Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We'll try this again!

Good thing I didn't specify which Monday I would be back - and here it is Tuesday!  Seems to be how my life goes, these days... full of great intentions that never get off the ground!

So happy Tuesday everyone - we are almost at the end of another month - but sadly winter just keeps on howling around these parts.  We have been the unhappy recipients of almost two solid months of extreme cold weather.  We have a day warm up every couple of weeks and then right back down into the frigid temps we go again.  For instance yesterday morning it was -31 with the windchill -45.  Today not much different -32 and -43 with the windchill.  Very hard to get motivated to get out of bed in the morning and get off to work... but we do.  Nothing closes here for the cold weather - kids trudge off to school, parents trudge off to work, retirees trudge off to Tim Horton's for their morning coffee and visit... You have to be sick in bed with the flu to escape it...

And that's where I have been for part of my time away since the New Year started.  I've been fighting the same virus for about 3 weeks now.  No matter what I do, or what I take I just can't seem to shake it.  I missed some time off work, which was not great because it is our yea-end, which is always a panic and a stressful time at work, but we are getting through it slowly and hope to be done soon.

January has been an odd month for me.  I have been feeling somewhat blah about so many things - maybe because I have been sick, maybe because work has been stressful - but the blahs have hit hard and lasted much longer than what is normal for me.  I seemed to loose interest in everything I have been doing.  Didn't care about the dolls, or quilting, or crocheting, or house cleaning, or cooking or baking or even music.  A pretty complete BLAH - if you ask me.

And then I was happened to go on Kijji for just a moment last Friday....

To be continued...

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  1. Hey lady no cliff hanger type ending things. I am now going to be checking back for part 2! Hope you are feeling better. I know what you mean about the blah effect. I think it is the cold and crappy type of weather it gets to you. You should take a break and go some place sunny for a few days. If you are interested our Naturopath has a product called temple warrior I think it produced by physica natural remedies. It is good for helping you get past the colds and flu's they last shorter and have less dramatic effects. I find I still take a few decongestants but much less than I would normally. Anyway hope you are feeling better.