Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I was going to continue with my Kijji story today, but something much more important happened yesterday, and I really need to write about it today.

Yesterday we learned that our niece's child has been diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma.  This is rare and dangerous form of cancer and the news that young Sean has it has made everyone who knows him and his family heart-sick.

It is bad enough when cancer strikes us as adults, but it seems so cruel and wrong when it happens to a child.  Human nature is to ask why.  Of course we ask that question, everyone does, but truthfully there is no answer for that question, so we have to leave it behind forever, and instead ask... What can I do?

At this moment in time, there is very little for us to do.  The physicians, surgeons, oncologists are the only ones who can physically do something right now - the rest of us can think positive thoughts, give hugs, give encouragement, give love, and best of all ... pray.  Perhaps down the road there will be more we can do - but right now, we can only assist in the unseen part of Sean's treatment.  This we can do, for Sean, and his parents and family.

And we can be happy - because happiness promotes positive outcomes.  Doom and gloom have no place in cancer  treatment - I know this for a fact, but if you don't believe me go and visit a chemo floor in a cancer center.  You won't see tears there.   What you will see is smiles, and love, and more smiles and love. Sean will need our smiles, our happy thoughts, our goofy moments much more than he will need our tears.

Please keep Sean and his family in your thoughts as you go about your day today, and tomorrow, and the days after that...

And Sean - You are my new HERO!

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  1. Will be praying for Sean and his family as they go thru this .