Friday, October 4, 2013

Bring on the weekend!

What  week!  I am so happy it is Friday and the weekend looms ahead.

I have been spinning my wheels trying to get caught up at work, a task that I think I might actually have accomplished for once, but I am not fooled into believing that is will last for long.

The wheels have been turning at home as well.  I have such a mess in my craft room that I can barely find the chair or table in there.  Once again I have a zillion things started, a couple of things finished, and a mind full of ideas yet to start.  I have to get this under control  - I really do!

I have managed to finish 4 doll sweaters - they now need hats to complete the sets.  And perhaps a bit of embellishments as well  - after all they are for dolls...  I know they won't last long so I am knitting more so I can get a head start on them.

Last night at choir practice I was reading the upcoming bulletin and saw the church is having a tea and craft sale in December - news to me...

And what do you think my brain is doing today - would you believe me if I said - thinking about getting a table?  You know me too well!

Speaking of choir practice - it went well - and we sound fantastic - so much so that we have been asked to sing for a wedding on October 19th.  How exciting is that!  We will be doing Jesu Joy - which personally is not one of my favourites - but we do it well, so the bride and groom will be happy.  I hope to sneak my ipod into a practice so I can record a couple of pieces for you.

Tomorrow is going to be cabbage roll making time.  I have to buy my ingredients tonight, and plan to spend the morning in the kitchen.  Maybe I'll do a little baking as well - it has been awhile since I have had any baking in the freezer.

So on we go - have a safe and productive weekend everyone!

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