Monday, January 23, 2012

Do you Knook?

Have you heard of Knook?  Of late, the in-basket of my Erndales email has been filled with Knook.  Because it wasn't high on my priorities in the past month to open Knook emails - I didn't.  But I didn't blow them away either.

So after my 13 hrs sleep yesterday, I decided it was time to open these emails and see what all the big hullabaloo was about.

Turns out Knook is a new way of knitting using a crochet hook - guess that's where the name came from...
A special crochet hook is used that has a hole in the opposite side of the hook end.  In this hole is threaded a cord, which holds the work row by row. Apparently Knook was designed to make learning to knit easier.

When I watched the video I thought Knook much resembled working the afghan stitch with an afghan hook - the difference being that the stitches are held on the cord, but it is very much like this stitch.

You can garter stitch or stockinette stitch - just like knitting, and it looks like a finished piece of knitting when it's done.

But it's not knitting!

Knitting is done with two needles and should and always will be.  I'm sure that Knook is great, but why not just learn to knit, if you want to knit?  If you learn to knit - you will never be limited as to how many patterns and how many different things you can make.  You will be able to pick up a pattern book from any era, and create something special for yourself or anyone you please.

Will you be able to do this with Knook?  I highly doubt it.

I don't mean to insult the creators of Knook - someone took some time to figure this new method of knitting out - to develop the needle or hook, and write the new patterns to go along with the craft.  But all you will have available to you, will be what you can purchase now and in the future.  And as Knookers realize the limited patterns available will Knook have much of a future?

Time will tell.

Here is some information and a video showing you how to Knook.   Form your own conclusions - it certainly bears watching over the next few years.

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