Tuesday, February 6, 2018


I just love it when something you didn't plan to do, turns out better than something you did plan.

Remember the hubbub of not being able to find the kind of "old fashioned" Valentine book, I wanted?  Well in the end, we did find one on-line, but as usual, I waited too long for that option to be of any use to me this year.

So I have been stewing about sending Valentines to the two sweet little girls who are now part of our family.  I didn't want to send the usual type, I tried to make some cards, but I didn't like them at all, then I thought I would crochet some hearts - naw... that's cheesy...

Then I remembered a pattern I had made an angel bear with last year for Thomas.  It's done in felt, and terribly cute.

Adapt it to a Valentine Bear!  Brilliant!

I love the cute little bear that I ended up with.  I decorated a couple of envelopes and now the  Valentine Day drama is over!

I am sure you are are so relieved to hear it!

I am going to pop these in the mail today, and hopefully the girls will love them!

Now I have to get back to finishing the baby blanket for a new baby who should be arriving this month.  I have almost finished knitting all the squares, and then I just have to put them together and that project will be finished too.

Guess I should start thinking about Easter now, so I don't run into the same quandary as I did for Valentine's Day!

Happy Crafting!

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