Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Decision Time

Yesterday I received forms in the mail for an up coming Christmas Craft Sale.  I have known that they would arrive soon, but truthfully it seemed a bit early to be thinking about such things.

I worked this particular show last year, and frankly, I was very disappointed in the turnout and as well in the quality of merchandise that was being sold.  Some tables were very much flea market material... which is upsetting when you have spent hours and hours of work on new items, quality items, and the table beside you is second hand junk.

So no - I don't think I will waste my time and money on this particular sale this season.

I will look around at other sales, but really I'm thinking that I will give the whole exercise a rest this year.  Craft sales are not what they used to be.  So many of the really good crafters sell on-line and no longer have the need for craft sales, it's too bad really - because they are missed in these once lucrative sales.

I think instead of working for a sale, I will put my time and energy in to some very special Christmas Gifts for friends and family.  I have some great ideas for gifts this year, but all of them require some time, so I need to get focused and get busy.

I have found some great inspiration on several blogs I follow and especially lately on the Leisure Arts blog.  If you have a few minutes, check it out - there are some neat ideas and many many different crafts of interest on there.

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