Monday, July 5, 2010

Love me, love my garden!

I love to garden, but this year it seems, the weeds in my garden have decided to make a statement... that statement being that I am a lousy gardener. So I decided to make a concentrated effort this past 4 day weekend, to set the record straight. I started early Thursday morning - and lasted about 2 hrs which considering the heat, humidity and mosquitoes I think is quite remarkable... 1 conquered roughly 1/8 of the garden. The next day I spent a couple more hours and yesterday the same, and lo and behold a pretty nice garden has started to emerge.

I know this because I got compliments from 2 of the best gardeners around. One is my 101 yr old friend, Iris - who always had the most beautiful yard on the block - and the other her son, who was noted for his gardens in London Ontario, and who has now taken over his mother's home and her gardens.

Yes I did say 101 yrs. She has just recently moved into the nursing home across the street from me, and was out for a walk yesterday afternoon with her son. She stopped by my yard for a look at my yard, for a hug from me, and for a taste of my ripening raspberries, right off the bush. She rattled off all the names of my plants (and I have many), commented on their progress and even offered a few tips on things I could do to make the garden better, when I asked her advice.

And so here are a couple of pictures of my work in progress, hopefully I'll have some more in the days to come, as many of my plants are just ready to flower.

Next Chapter of Winter Wheat starts tomorrow...

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