Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Sometimes, if we are lucky enough, someone comes into our life and stays in our hearts forever. Best friend is one term we use to describe these people; Forever Friend is my favorite way to describe them.

I have been blessed with several “Forever Friends” – people who have been such an important part of my life, that I cannot imagine my life without them in it.

One of my forever friends’ name is Denise, and I have known her since grade 7 - (42 yrs)!

Today is a special day for my forever friend. Today after years and years of hard work and dedication – she officially retires from her career at the Post Office. When I say hard work, I mean hard work – 8hrs on her feet; standing; walking; heavy lifting. She has worked as a letter carrier – braving Canadian winter temperatures to get the mail to it’s destination; she has worked inside, sorting, re-directing, organizing, and she has even been Santa - answering Children’s letters to Santa at Christmas (officially through Canada Post)!

Bravo, my friend! You have had a long and fulfilling career, and now you get to move on to something new and fun! Whatever you decide to do, I know you will do it with the same dedication you give to everything you do. So Happy Retirement, my Forever Friend… enjoy your freedom…. You have worked hard for it!

This is for you, GF….

She Retires Today

My dear, dear friend retires today;
It does not seem quite real.
She’s been a postie for many years,
It’s been a sweet, sweet deal.

Now she would have some things to say,
About her time spent there.
But she’s not who’ll be telling this,
I have some things to share.

Once was the time some time ago,
She walked the streets of town.
With perfect speed, and friendly smile;
Just nothing got her down.

The mail arrived in record time,
To all those she did serve.
Until the day, she’d had enough,
And took a break deserved.

At Christmas time, she joined the crew,
Of Santa and his elves.
She answered letters sent from kids,
And some sent from ourselves.

The next I heard, she’d traded shifts,
Now evenings were her thing.
From union work to sorting mail,
Her talents she did bring.

Where go the years, I wonder now?
In decades they progress.
And who said aging doesn’t lend,
Itself to certain stress?

Aging brings some new concerns,
Like aches and pains and such.
And just how do we do the things,
We like to do so much?

Well time’s now your’s, Denise to find,
The answers to such views.
You’ll conquer these and many more,
I have much faith in you.

Now that you’re time is all your own,
True boredom might persist.
Remember I’m not far away,
Please call me – I insist.

Dale Graumann

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