Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Memories and a CONTEST

Do you remember when dressing for Easter meant a new dress, hat, gloves and purse, and perhaps
a new pair of patent leather pumps or buckle shoes.?

I'm dating myself when I say - I do!

Whatever happened to that practice, I wonder?

Easter was the day to show off your pretties.  I remember going to church one Easter Sunday  - I was maybe 7, and I had on a new (handmade by Mom ) dress with a crinoline... OMG! I was the height of fashion.  I also had a hat much like this one...

In fact mine was exactly like this one.  I had little wrist-length cotton gloves, brand new black patent leather shoes (that clicked on the pavement when I walked) and a white purse with ribbons and flowers on the front of it.

Oh it gives me goosebumps just remembering it!!

All the women were sporting new hats, and probably outfits too, although I was completely taken by the hats, most especially the ribbons on the hats.

 My mother preferred the "Pill Box" hats which she even resorted to making herself (after taking a Millinery course) of Course!

And of course, she kept that course in a binder and you will not believe who is now the proud owner of said course!!


I would welcome some shared stories from my readers of Easter Memories.  Write whatever you wish.  You have until Monday April 9th to email me your stories.  Include pictures if you want.  The contest winner will win one of my little fairies, color of your choice.

Rules:  The longest story wins the prize!   Yes I will count the words!

email your entries to:

I will share the winning memory here on my blog...

Oh! and I almost forgot - just in case you were wishing to make yourself a really pretty spring hat, I found a great link with a free pattern.  Check it out!


  1. I love that hat!! I do recall one year I was allowed to have a hat pretty much like that. We were very poor so a hat was a prize back then. And I too had the gloves and a new dress. ( a triple prize that year!!) I do wish I could find the picture.

    Have a great Easter with your family. Here we'll go to church and then dinner. No fancy dresses, hats or gloves but just a good time and celebrating my LORD

  2. I think we might have been twins, Vicki - so much of your life mirrors mine...

    Wishing you and your family a Blessed Easter.